Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wiconsin's tech college grads have higher employment rate and starting salaries than 4 year grads

The New York Times reports that only half of four-year college grads are landing jobs that require a four-year degree and that starting salaries have fallen from $30,000 in 2006 to 2008 to only $27,000 in 2010-11.

And these are the lucky ones. Only 56% of four-year college grads even held a job.

These results makes a Wisconsin technical college education look quite attractive.

The Wisconsin Technical College System’s Graduate Follow-up Report indicates that 88 percent of  2009- 2010 technical college graduates were employed within six months of graduation, 71% in fields related to their field of study.

The median starting salary for all technical college grads was also higher than salaries earned by four-year college grads at  $31, 198.

Associate Degree
Two-Year Technical Diploma $31,198
One-Year Technical Diploma $29,118
Short-Term Technical Diploma $24,568

And, of course, technical college students graduate with significantly less debt than their four-year counterparts.

The New York Times article is linked here and the WTCS Grad report is linked here.

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