Thursday, February 21, 2013

Walker promises more of the same

The evidence is clear that tax cuts do not create jobs or drive economic growth.

Yet last night Governor Walker boasted :"I want to cut taxes over and over and over again until we are leading the country in economic recovery."

That means Walker will be cutting taxes over and over and over and over and over again, as long as he is Governor.

Eight years of the Bush tax cuts, the largest in the nation's history,  or the Walker corporate tax cuts of two years ago, demonstrated conclusively that tax cuts do not lead to economic growth.

Businesses don't invest in capital or hire workers in response to lower tax rates. That is in the words of George Herbert Walker Bush "voodoo economics."

Business invest and hire in response to an increase in demand for their products and services. Yet Walker has pursued policies that have reduced demand and stymied economic growth. A quick review. Waker:

1) Raised taxes on the working poor;
2) Rejected billions in federal Medicaid dollars;
3) Rejected a federal investment of more than $800 million in federal high speed rail;
4) Slashed the discretionary income of the state's 300,000 public employees.

Walker loves to talk about job creation and economic growth. But the state's anemic job creation performance, 42nd worst in the country, is a refutation of his failed economic polices.

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When do the recalls start?