Friday, November 25, 2011

Robert Reich: Big money has occupied our democracy


the other side of the coin said...

The munchkin in the ivory tower is throwing his stones in the wrong direction.

The OWS crowd was smart enough to figure out that Wall Street is a big part of the problem. Reich should know the the biggest benefactor of Wall Street political contributions is Obama. Summers, Geitner, Corzine, Blankfein and Soros all put the words on the teleprompter and the puppet in chief just reads the words. They are the ones who are looting America. NO ONE has been charged. Remember the Savings and Loan crisis? There were 10,000 criminal referrals. This crisis? NONE. And it's SEVENTY times larger. WHY no criminal prosecutions? Because the politicians, including the president, are bought and paid for. They (and he) are serving their masters. The looting will continue until heads start to roll.

Anonymous said...

This promotional piece was funded by big money Soros. Trying to deflect attention from his "buying of Democracy"?