Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 9th elections: a step forward

The New York Times analyzes Wisconsin's recall elections writing: "...voters around the country who oppose the widespread efforts to undermine public unions — largely financed by corporate interests — should draw strength from Tuesday’s success, not discouragement."

" Republicans will not admit this, but the numbers showed significant strength for Democrats even in the districts they lost — strength that could grow if lawmakers continue cutting spending and taxes while reducing the negotiating rights of working families. In one rural senatorial district that had not elected a Democrat in a century, the Democratic candidate reached 48 percent of the vote. Another race was also close, and as Nate Silver noted in The Times, the overall results suggest that a contemplated statewide recall of Mr. Walker himself would be too close to call. (Two Democrats face recalls next week.)"

The editorial is linked here.


Anonymous said...

Contrary to the way some State Union members may feel, the Votes in Wisconsin show that the citizens are in agreement with what the Republicans want. That individuals should have the right to choose. ... not to be controlled by State Unions that demand too much.

Anonymous said...

Your revolution is over, Mr. Lebowski. Condolences. The bums lost. My advice is to do what your parents did; get a job, sir. The bums will always lose. Do you hear me, Lebowski? The bums will always lose!

Anonymous said...

What did the hand say to the face? Slap! This is a wake-up call to the unions that the citizens of Wisconsin are tired of tantrums, petulant whining, and demands for more, more, more. Get used it. It's the new reality, and it's about time.

Dr. Geddes said...

Hey Anonymous,

What about corporate greed? It is OK for corporate special isnterests to spend millions on campaigns to get republicans elected but not unions? Get off your high horse and realize that elections do not result in the best person for the job, they result in the person who has the most money winning.

Anonymous said...

Mssrs. Rosen and Lebowski have never answered a major question about the exorbitant benefit package of public employee unions: why are they entitled to such a package, when the private sector is not? The private sector is paying for these benefits, and getting very little in return, especially in the public school system and the government waste. Free lunch time is over. The unions (and their members) will have to get along and buy their own "lunch", just like the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rosen and Mr. Lebowski,
There was no step forward or minor victory for Unions or Dems in WI. The Republicans that won, won and won easy. Sen. Kapanke lost in a Dem district, no surprise. Sen Hopper barely lost given his problems with an affair of a younger woman. Dear Sandy Pasch losing 54% to 46% is not a tie - not sure what math class you were educated in. What a sore loser, what to be be unprofessional and not have a concession speech!

Funny Dr. Rosen you had to post an article from New York on the WI elections.

The gravy train is over for unions and socialism is dead in WI finally. The voters spoke and they spoke loud and clear. The unions finally over reached and showed their true colors and turned off the majority of the state - and soon country.

Anonymous said...

You can spin the election any way you desire, but the vote totals don't lie.

GOP, 184,328, 53%
Dem, 165129, 47%

What was supposed to a repudiation of Scott Walker and his agenda, didn't quite turn out that way.

2010 elections
Prosser victory
GOP recall elections

I detect a trend here.

Anonymous said...

Most money, Dr Geddes? Well it is clear from the numbers that the unions put more money into electing people to office then nearly anyone else.

Unknown said...

53% does not seem high for districts that went Republican during Obama year (2008).

Let's add in the domecratic districts and see what the numbers reflect.

Even with redistricting, I think that recalling Republican senators after November will be more interesting.

the other side of the coin said...

Peter, looks like you were correct in suggesting we wait for all of the recall votes to tallied before reaching any conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Anon et al should read some of the objective studies that compare private and public sector wages and benefits. In Wisconsin, a Rutgers study for instance, found that including education level and actual days on the job, teachers make 8% LESS than comparable private sector employees. My advice, if you are underpaid or compensated, get a new job or join a union. After unions have fought for the benefits you have, it seems ungrateful for you to attack public employees and unions.

Interesting that you want my vacation but you do not want my job teaching middle school kids.

Anonymous said...

"if you are underpaid or compensated, get a new job or join a union."
Or better yet, get a job working for the union.
"Interesting that you want my vacation but you do not want my job teaching middle school kids."
But lots of other people do. No shortage of applications for your job. Better yet, try getting into MATC. It's impossible and has been for years.

Anonymous said...

You are ignorant if you think that unions are the "bad guys". Unions fought for safe work enviroments, sick pay, vacation pay, 40 hour work week, overtime, child labor laws. Workers have lost their lives fighting for these benefits. Now that CEO's want all the money and the private sector is cutting back, you want to punish union workers. That is just what the rich CEO's want you to do; fight the very thing they would like to get rid of so that they can line their pockets with million dollar bonuses. The Koch brother's plan is working, get the workers to fight amongst themselves, and we will win by lowering wages and benefits. Fight with Unions not against them. We will all benefit in the long run.