Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dollars for Afghanistan; pink slips for Americans

The New York Times  writes:

All across America, school budgets are being cut, teachers laid off and education programs dismantled...

And he asks: How is it that we can afford to double our military budget since 9/11, can afford the carried-interest tax loophole for billionaires, can afford billions of dollars in givebacks to oil and gas companies, yet can’t afford to invest in our kids’ futures?

Sometimes I hear people endorse education cuts by arguing that “school isn’t for everybody,” which usually means something like “education isn’t for other people’s children” — or that farm kids in places like Yamhill really don’t need schools that double as rocket ships. I can’t think of any view that is more un-American.

The column is linked here.

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Anonymous said...

Obama letting me down again. He has had over 3 years to make it right in the middle east and instead of withdrawing troops, he is starting additional wars in Libya. I am now convinced that we need a third party that does what they say they will do.