Thursday, June 16, 2011

MATC welding instructor responds to Bucyrus CEO: Don't blame MATC

Larry Gross, an MATC welding instructor who trains welders for Bucyrus International and other manufacturing firms, writes that CEO Tim Sullivan's criticisms of MATC are off the mark.

Gross asserts that if we are serious about addressing the shortage of welders and other skilled tradesmen we must reverse the Walker cuts to technical education and invest in MATC and other technical colleges.

Read Mr Gross' response to Tim Sullivan here.


Anonymous said...

Yep, blame Walker for the fact MATC came up short in training welders in 2008.

Perhaps instead we should reevaluate our investment in MATC and make certain that the resources have been and will be allocated properly. As we should have learned with the Federal government, spending $200.00 instead of $100.00 on a hammer, won't make it a better hammer.

Michael Rosen said...


You'd benefit from an MATC class in reading comprehension.

The article makes it clear that MATC trains a lot of welders-more than 400 a year. Given the shortage of welders, they have multiple employment options some of which are apparently more attractive than those at BI. It is a sellers market. In the short run, if BI wants to secure their talents it needs to compete by making employment offers that are more attractive than other competing firms. In the long run we need to increase the supply of welders. Governor Walker's huge cuts to technical colleges (30%) undermine that goal. There are some things you can't buy at WalMart-a high quality technical education is one of them.

Anonymous said...

Larry's response is right on! MATC does great things that help people and industry alike!

Anonymous said...

Please help me with my reading comprehension.

Where exactly in the article does Larry (or did you write the article for Larry?)say MATC trains a lot - more than 400 welders a year?

And, if they train more than 400 welders a year, how many actually graduate per year.? said...

Let the truth be told, Dr.Michael Rosen and Mr. Larry Gross! ;) Thank you for setting the record straight.

Anonymous said...

Again, 212 is only after the MONEY!

Michael Rosen said...


You should take ECON 201. There is no such thing as a free lunch. If Bucyrus wants MATC to train welders it requires money-for equipment, materials, facilities and educators. In response to BI's request, MATC spent $140,000 to upgrade our equipment at our West and Milwaukee labs specifically to accommodate BI's flux core heavy plate welding. We trained students selected by BI and trained them. Our students are not indentured servants. Once they graduate or pass the test they have a right to go work anywhere they want. BI should look in the mirror before it throws stones at other people's houses.

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