Wednesday, July 9, 2008

For sale signs popping up like dandelions in Oak Creek

Steve Jagler, executive editor of Small Business Times, reports that:

"...'for sale' signs are popping up like dandelions in front of condominiums throughout Oak Creek, as (Midwest) pilots and flight attendants prepare to lose their jobs or take pay cuts that would prevent them from staying in their homes."

The Midwest Airlines pilots who agreed to "deep concessions" to keep the Oak Creek-based company afloat in 2003 do not plan to even vote on company demands that would slash their pay by up to 65 percent.

Jay Schnedorf, a captain and chairman of the Midwest unit of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), told Jagler: "'There will be no vote on their proposal. It's unacceptable on its face. We are planning a counter-proposal to present back to the company … We've told them (company officials) their demands are unacceptable.'"

Jagler's article details the human costs of Midwest management's demands for concessions.

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