Friday, November 5, 2010

Walker's job killing decision

A day after Governor-elect Scott Walker vowed to carry out his campaign promise to kill the Milwaukee to Madison high-speed rail, he called Talgo, the Spanish train company that has set up shop in Milwaukee, asking them to stay.

So Walker wants the jobs, but not the product.

Walker claims he will use the $810 million in federal stimulus funds on roads, although under the terms of the grants, such a use of the funds is prohibited.

Walker's decision is a job killer.

The New York Times reports that if Walker follows through on his promise the $810 million and jobs building the high speed railroad will leave the state.

So much for making job creation the focus of the new administration.

For the entire story read the New York Times article.


Dave Reid said...

It didn't take long for other states to start after the funds now did it.

Anonymous said...

"So much for making job creation the focus of the new administration."

Why the negativity? The guy has been voted in two days ago and won't even take for two more months. The country gave Obama two years before they realized he was way in over his head.

Embrace change. This might be change we can believe in.

And, like someone once said, "Get over it. You lost".

Michael Rosen said...


Milwaukee and Wisconsin need investment and jobs. Walker's refusal to support high speed rail and the federal dollars that pay for it is a job killer. Not only will we lose the more than 4,000 construction jobs that are associated with building the system, but Talgo, the Spanish train company that moved into the old A.O. Smith plant, and its jobs will leave as well.

This isn't sour grapes about the election. It IS about holding elected officials accountable. Walker said he will create jobs and the people of Wisconsin voted for him. Right now he is contributing to job loss.

The Republican opposition in Congress didn't give President Obama any time. From day one Boehner and company have opposed every proposal that Obama has made even ones, like infrastructure investment, that Republicans had previously promoted. If they had behaved responsibly instead of demanding that the stimulus be less than $800 billion and that 40% of it be ineffective tax cuts, the economy would be stronger today than it is.

Anonymous said...

Wake up democrats, Walker is not governor until January 1st, he should not be running the governor's office until then. He has plenty of time to mess up Wisconsin after January 1st.