Monday, November 15, 2010

Local 212 rallies with hundreds for high speed rail jobs

Local 212 leadership rallied with hundreds of people outside the Talgo Inc. train manufacturing plant on Milwaukee's north side Monday hoping to persuade Gov.-elect Scott Walker to change his mind and endorse the construction of a high-speed rail line through Wisconsin as a way to create jobs and keep the state competitive.

Surrounded by supporters chanting "Trains mean jobs!" and "Jobs, jobs, jobs!" leaders from a broad range of organizations, including State Representative and Local 212 member Barbara Toles, stressed the project's importance as a catalyst for redevelopment at the city's former Tower Automotive site and the creation of new jobs, especially in Milwaukee's central city.

"Talgo represents a resurrection for many people in this state, and especially in this city," the Rev. Ken Wheeler, pastor of Cross Lutheran Church and Milwaukee Inner-City Congregations Allied for Hope told the crowd.

The Spanish firm Talgo moved to the Tower site as part of a plan to build a regional high-speed rail network that connects Milwaukee and Madison to Chicago and Minneapolis, funded with $810 million in federal stimulus dollars.

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