Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Walker a tool of out of state bosses

Governor Walker has what Steven Colbert would call a truthiness problem.

Walker has traveled the country collecting huge campaign contributions from out of state millionaires and billionaires, people like the ultra right wing Koch brothers or Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, the discredited founder of the bailed out financial services corporation, the American International Group, whose financial loses contributed to the financial crisis that caused the Great Recession.

Rather than admitting that he is a tool of out of state bosses, and I mean real bosses, Walker continues to try to discredit his opponents by claiming they are supported by "out of state union bosses."

Union leaders, of course, aren't bosses at all. They are democratically elected leaders of democratic organizations of working people. But that aside. If you compare the source of Walker's campaign contributions to Kathleen Falk's you can see who is a tool of out of state special interests and who is being supported by the people of Wisconsin. 

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Anonymous said...

Walker needs to be called out on this in the media. Both Barrett and Falk need to point this out.