Friday, July 22, 2011

Alberta Darling has turned her back on Wisconsin


Anonymous said...

Who is this Phil guy?

He's paying for a lot of hate, err, hit pieces.

The ad is as phony as the "actress" pretending to be Alberta.

Michael Rosen said...

Who are you? You consistently comment but don't have the honesty to use your name. Worse, you defend a politician who attacks middle and working class people, slashe education funding, refuses to extend the unemployeds benefits and yet voted for almost $600 million in tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy.

Anonymous said...

Whoooow buddy, take a time out.

It's not about me. I asked about Phil. And never mind answering, I googled him.

And where in the comment was there any support for Darling? Just because I said the ad was phony, doesn't mean I support Darling. I have great disdain for ALL politicians, both political parties, PACS, and the big contributors (private, corporate, and union) who buy the above. Your response read like a cut and paste from the faxed talking points.

Post a Darling ad and I'll point out the idiocy of the ad. I really don't believe Pasch turns her back on society by putting violent criminals back onto the streets to prey on our children. Or that she is against free and open elections. Do you?

So, if you post one-sided opinion pieces (and that's what this - like all blogs - is about), expect a rebuttal. Otherwise, turn off comments.

Fair enough?