Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Congresswoman Moore endorses MPS Board President Peter Blewett

On Tuesday, February 24, Milwaukee Congresswoman Gwen Moore endorsed Milwaukee Public School (MPS) Board President Peter Blewett in his campaign for re-election in the 6th District.

Moore cited Blewett’s record of inclusive leadership and achievement in her endorsement.

“Under Peter Blewett’s leadership MPS has made substantive gains in improving its graduation rates, reviving career and technical education and restoring arts and music education. Suspensions are down and graduation rates are up. For this alone he deserves to be re-elected.”

Moore also noted that Dr. Blewett, unlike his predecessors, had not played politics on the Board noting: “Peter has not been a partisan chair. He has brought stability to the District and attempted to build a unified board that focuses on the needs of Milwaukee’s children.”

Moore, a former state Senator, praised Blewett’s efforts to secure property tax relief and noted that the Governor’s budget includes changes in funding for the Milwaukee Choice program that will return millions of Milwaukee taxpayer dollars to the city’s public schools. “Peter has long been an advocate for changes in the funding formula, and his hard work will hopefully pay off soon,” she said.

Peter Blewett represents Milwaukee’s 6th District. He was first elected in 2000 and has served two one year terms as the board president. He is a UWM faculty member and the parent of MPS student who attends the Milwaukee School of Languages.

The election is on April 7, 2009.


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