Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama effect and economic benefits of sick pay

Researchers have identified an "Obama effect" suggesting that President Barack Obama's accomplishments reduce African American test-takers anxieties and increase their sense of competence leading to improved test scores.

The study has not been peer reviewed and it was based on a small sample. But it offers some preliminary hope that Obama's election may help reduce the racial achievement gap.

The article on the study is linked.

UWM professor, Marc Levine and I have a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel op ed, "Sick pay is smart economically," refuting the "Chicken Little" hysteria of opponents of Milwaukee's new paid sick leave ordinance. It is linked as well.

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John Michlig said...

I'll likely be the sole dissenter at Monday evenings Franklin Economic Development Commission (of which I'm a member) when we discuss implementing an anti-sick leave ordinance.

It's bad out here.

Thanks for your article, which I will use as a resource (and I welcome any other materials you can arm me with - - I am truly alone in my objection to this goofball ordinance).