Monday, December 29, 2008

Journal Sentinel says disenfranchising voters will help MPS

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently editorialized that the Milwaukee Public School board should be dissolved and replaced by an appointed board.

Peter Blewett, the current MPS board president, wrote in reponse that:

Like all urban school districts, MPS faces serious challenges. But none of the issues stem from the right of Milwaukee's citizens to elect their School Board representatives. ..Rather than disenfranchising the citizens of Milwaukee, all of us - the board, administration, educators, staff, parents, business, community leaders - must work together to ensure that the district's teachers have the necessary training and resources to provide Milwaukee's increasingly marginalized youth with the tools they need to succeed in the 21st century.

Blewett's op ed is linked.

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Anonymous said...

Appointed? By whom? Some privatized corporate sycophants?!?

My god, has America gone so insane that they'd even put a price tag on their childrens' minds?

I'm scared Dr. Rosen, REALLY scared of the road this country is on. Especially when it is happening in Milwaukee, the city of Mayor Frank Zeidler. Just when I had hope about our people, as the east side was talking of coining their own currency between small businesses due to the insane crumbling of the dollar, this has to come along and deflate me again!

Schnook's kid