Saturday, September 6, 2008

Republicans turn reality upside down

Republican Party national convention activists spent most of last week attacking a fictional enemy-the liberal federal government.

Mitt Romney even had the audacity to rail against "liberal Washington."

The Republican Party is either delusional or shockingly dishonest.

Republicans have controlled the Executive Branch for the last eight years and most of the last forty. U.S. economic policy has been dominated by a slavish devotion to the Republican holy trinity of free markets, privatization and deregulation.

Bob Herbert, The New York Time columnist, writes that: "If there was one pre-eminent characteristic of the Republican convention this week, it was the quality of deception. Words completely lost their meaning. Reality was turned upside down.

From the faux populist gibberish mouthed by speaker after speaker, you would never have known that the Republicans have been in power over the past several years and used that titanic power to lead the country to its present sorry state.

His piece is linked here.

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