Saturday, September 27, 2008

Post debate polls give round one to Obama

Post debate polls indicate that Barack Obama won the debate.

It appears most viewers found Obama more personable than McCain, knowledgeable about the issues and more focused on their economic problems.

CBS Insta Poll showed Barack Obama won 39% to John McCain's 25% with 36% saying the debate was a draw. According to CBS:

Nearly half of those uncommitted voters who watched the debate said that their image of Obama changed for the better as a result. Just eight percent say their opinion of Obama got worse, and 46 percent reported no change in their opinions.

McCain saw less improvement in his image. Thirty-two percent have improved their image of McCain as a result of the debate, but 21 percent said their views of him are now worse than before.

Why did voters' image of Obama improve? Many volunteered that they were impressed by his poise and knowledge about the issues, that he was more knowledgeable about the issues than they thought previously. When it came to McCain, those same voters said he "didn’t control himself well under pressure," that he was "angry and bad-tempered," and that he "talked too much about the past."

Insider Advantage reports those polled Obama won 42% to McCain's 41% with Undecided 17%

CNN reports voter opinions that Obama "did better" 51%, McCain "did better" 38%
The CNN poll showed men were evenly split, but women gave Obama higher marks 59% to 41% for McCain.

Check out this interesting video where Republican pollster Frank Lutze interviews formally undecided voters immediately after the debate ended.

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