Thursday, March 1, 2012

Community press conference against hostile takeover of MATC

"Hostile Takeover" (Stealing the MATC Board) from Kevin Mulvenna on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Michael Rosen makes +120k/year plus full benefits

Anonymous said...

That may be true, but the school pays him 60% of his salary for union activities and 40% for teaching. I would guess the video reflects the "union activities" portion of his salary.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that's true. He is a member of the 1 percent

Anonymous said...

What makes it a "hostile takeover"?
Hostile to who? Local 212? The students? The taxpayers? The industry that supports MATC?

"Hostile" is in the eye of the beholder.

It's more like a change in governance.
Or an "Arab Spring".
Or a "regime change".

Anonymous said...

I love it. How does it fell Mr. Rosen? After all of the rocks you have tossed over the years against your competitors, how does it feel when people with an "agenda" set their target on your organization? This is a good ole case of karma!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Miriam Ben-Shalom said...

Gentle people:

It does little good to throw stones. MATC has experienced a hostile takeover: now MATC will be following the directives of people who are not familiar with the Metro Milwaukee area's problems. How many ghettos, for examples, are in Washington County or Ozaukee County? We will have to cope with the likes of a legislator whio asks, "Why do they need to teach English at MATC?" Duh. These places are going to have to undergo some diversity training, for sure! (Especially West Bend: lesson one: just because there is a person of color on your porch, does not mean that person is trying to break in. S/he may be lost, need help, or have the wrong address. Do not just shoot the person.)

Further, are these counties going to also provide money for programs they want?

People need to think about what has happened and to the idea of shared governance--which may not happen now.

It is not a matter of salaries--it is a matter of a really good school being profoundly disruopted by power hungry Republicans. In my travels. I talk with people all the time and many are very upset by this so very obvious takeover. And they are in Shorewood, Whitefish Bay , and other places, not at MATC. How do I get them to talk to me? I wear a "Proud To Be A Union Thug" tee shirt.

I have not always agreed with Mr. Rosen, but this is about OUR SCHOOL, not personalities or salaries. By the wya, please check your % fo salary for Mr. Rosen, Anonymous. You may not be correct. And I don't hide MY name.

Anonymous said...


You are making my point. Folks at MATC have been notorious about bashing other schools who are trying to help the same students that reside "in the ghetto", even to go as far as picketing other local colleges. You always know that what goes around comes around, just usually not fast enough. Now those at MATC will have to deal with "Republicans" (I doubt it was the MATC Republicans picketing other local schools) that don't understand the mission and purpose of YOUR school. I happen to agree with you that "outsiders" don't understand the needs of the Milwaukee community, which is why I support any institution of higher learning within the city is positive. The problem is not unions, but PUBLIC unions. The current system of public unions can't be sustained: see General Motors. It's unfortunate, but the day of fully paid pensions and healthcare will disappear quickly if the government is to survive. I don't think any of us want to see our loved ones who died to make this country free all be for nothing by becoming socialist.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that they spent 31 hours debating this bill, for WHAT??? What problem did it really solve? Where are the JOBS???? Now that is something the Republicans should be spending some time on.