Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pro-Walker Marquette poll grossly misweighted

The recent Marquette University poll evaluating the Wisconsin electorate's opinions on Walker and potential Democratic Party candidates was inaccurate. It oversampled self-identified conservatives who support Walker and undersampled liberals and moderates who are likely to vote against him. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's article on the poll was prominently placed on its front page..

The critique of the polls methodology provides a more accurate and corrective snapshot of the upcoming election. Of course, events are unfolding rapidly as this week's disclosures that Walker's top aids were indicted for engaging in illegal campaign activity while working for Walker's re-election illustrates. The disclosures also revealed for the first time that Walker's top lieutenants set up a secret email system designed to evade the state's open records laws.

The blog critiquing the poll is posted here and below:

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