Monday, March 29, 2010

the answer to corporate power is organized people.

Bill Moyers writes: the only answer to organized money is organized people. That would be one hell of a reformation.

Read his essay on how well-heeled lobbyists for the insurance companies and banks are undermining needed reforms.

The essay is linked here.

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Peter said...

It has been true throughout modern American history that the only counter to organized power and wealth has been organized people. This is as true in elections as it has been in advocating for policy or legislation as much as it has been in social movements for change.

The necessary corollary to this is that for organized people to triumph over organized wealth and power, people must organize. As if it had ever been untrue (which it has not), passively consuming the world around us will no longer suffice - never has, never will.

People must activate to build the power through organized people to challenge - and beat - the already well-organized and obviously well-heeled forces of wealth and established power.

Whether Bill Moyers says so or not - although I'm glad he, as a long-time champion of organized people over organized wealth and power, is saying so here - it is incumbent upon us not only to do what we think we can, but to do that and more. The stakes, as always, are incredibly great.