Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Post debate poll results favor Obama

Over the past week a wide range of polls show increased electoral support for Barack Obama and declining support for John McCain.

As a result, it was assumed that McCain needed a "game changing performance" in last night's town hall debate.

Post debate polls indicate that that did not happen.

CBS snap poll of uncommitted voters

Who won?
McCain (R) 27 Obama (D) 39 Draw 35

Will Obama will make the right decisions on the economy?
Before debate: 54 After debate: 68

Will McCain will make the right decisions on the economy?
Before debate: 41 After debate: 49

Less than half of undecided voters think McCain will do the right thing on the economy, over 2/3rds think Obama will.

CNN instapoll

CNN, MoE 4%:

Who did the best job in the debate?
McCain (R) 30 Obama (D) 54

Opinion of Barack Obama (before debate)
Favorable: 64 (60) Unfavorable: 34 (38)

Opinion of John McCain (before debate)
Favorable: 51 (51) Unfavorable: 46 (46)

Who expressed his views more clearly in the debate?
Obama 60 McCain 30

Who spent more time attacking his opponent?
Obama 17 McCain 63

Who seemed to be the stronger leader?
Obama 54 McCain 43

Who was most likeable?
Obama 65 McCain 28


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