Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Who is supporting the troops now?

The Bush administration's cynical use of the American military personnel was exposed by the deplorable conditions at Walter Reed, the failure of the VA to provide adequate medical treatment to thousands of returning veterans and the widespread use of Stop-loss that sends soldiers (over 81,000) who have fulfilled their military obligations back into combat against their will.

It turns out that returning vets are also having a hard to finding jobs, harder than for civilians of similar age and education.

The Washington Post reports that 18% of veterans recently back from tours of duty are unemployed. Twenty-five percent of those lucky enough to land a job earn less than $21,840 a year, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Is this what the Bush administration means by supporting our troops?

The Post article is attached.

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Jo Egelhoff, said...

Professor Rosen, please edit your title - "Who's supporting the troops now?"