Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Barack Obama's speech on race and union in America

I don't know if Barack Obama's speech, "A More Perfect Union," will help or hurt him in his effort to win the Democratic nomination for President. The voters will decide that.

I am convinced more than ever, however, that Barack Obama is a different kind of politician.

This speech and his candidacy are not defined by poll-driven consultants or political expediency. They are based on his understanding and appreciation of American history and his commitment to social justice.

The speech was remarkable for its honesty, morality and understanding of the American experience. It was the best speech I have ever heard a presidential candidate make.

Attached is the New York Times editorial, "Mr. Obama’s Profile in Courage," about the speech and below is a video of the speech.


Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me. Obama is style over substance. He spent 20 years at that church and he did not notice the Rev.'s views? Come on. Is Obama going to quit that church? Why does he talk about it now instead of years ago? Obama calls out Don Imus for his racist rant, but not Wright? Obama is a fraud, pure and simple. Maybe you should read Obama's books to get a better picture on how this fraud really thinks.

I hope you do not brainwash your students with this dribble.

Anonymous said...

you obviously did not watch or read the speech. obama did call out wright for his rant. he neither excused or tried to explain anything the pastor said. and he talks about it now b/c everyone is associating the rev's views with obamas, even though he has made it clear that his affiliation with the church is for religious reasons, not political ones. and the views of this rev were political in nature! the whole point of the article and the blogs reference to the speech is that obama used this platform to talk about the things everyone else has seemed to forget about regarding race in america, including racial marginalization from all groups. it is easy to focus on the issue of Wright it appears you, like the rest of the right wing media, have done. however i challenge you to at least think about the issues he raises about gender gaps in the workplace, racial disparities in the schools and so on.