Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sheriff Clarke's hypocrisy

Sheriff David Clarke routinely denies the existence of Milwaukee's social and economic problems.

The good Sheriff ignores more than a century of research dating back at least to the 1840's Irish immigration that links high rates of poverty and joblessness to a wide range of social problems and pathologies.

Clarke routinely lectures the community, often in letters to wingnut Charlie Sykes, about the community's alleged lack of high moral standards.

But when it comes to his own deputies violating department policy, breaking the law and lying about it, Milwaukee's morality cop has a different and lower standard:

"If you're going to fire every cop who violates the Constitution," Clarke explained, "we're not going to have many left."

WOW! Talk about not practicing what you preach!

Either the Sheriff is a policy schizophrenic or he's a total hypocrite!

Before he pens another one of his sanctimonious letters, Mr. Clarke ought to take hard look in the mirror or better yet read one of those letters about "high standards!"

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