Monday, September 10, 2007

Questions about Georgia Thompson's prosecution remain unanswered!

Attorney General Gonzalez may have resigned, but the scandals left in his wake remain.

Adam Cohen of the New York Times reminds us today that "when the power of the state to imprison people is put in the wrong hands, lives can be ruined and democracy can be threatened."

He notes that there are still unanswered questions about the Justice Department's prosecution of Wisconsin's Georgia Thompson who was wrongly convicted of awarding a state contract to a Democratic Party contributor.

Prosecutors tried to get Ms Thompson who was jailed for four months to testify against Governor Jim Doyle. And Republicans used this case to paint the Governor as corrupt in the Wisconsin's gubernatorial election which was ultimately won by Doyle.

Questions about the case remain unanswered.

Since the Justice Department refuses to appoint a special prosecutor to examine whether this and other cases were politicized, Congress needs to intervene.

Cohen's article is worth the read and is linked.

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