Monday, August 27, 2007

Darling & Ott demand more government regulation!

Are Wisconsin Republicans rethinking their commitment to private property rights and deregulation?

That’s what you might conclude from the Journal Sentinel’s report that Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) and Representative James Ott (R-Mequon) are introducing legislation to regulate community based residential facilities (CBRF).

It seems some Mequon and River Hills residents are upset about plans to set up such a facility for up to 8 adults in their neighborhoods.

Their fear that CBRFs will generate too much traffic in gated communties of half million dollar mac mansions stretches the imagination. Folks who require assisted living generally don’t drive!

Unless there are regulations limiting family size to less than eight in these subdivisions this effort seems blatantly discriminatory!

There's simply no reason to assume that a community based residential facility with eight seniors will generate any more traffic than a family with five or six kids, three or four vehicles and the household help that is common in such neighborhoods!

And what about Darling and Ott's commitment to property rights. Evidently, even these most scared of Republican cows aren't so scared; even when the owner of the Mequon CBRF is a Mequon resident herself.

Darling and Ott, who generally genuflect to private property rights and hate all things government, particularly regulation, have decided that we need a new law to regulate such matters. When it comes to their backyard, Big Government is apparently A OK!

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Jack Lohman said...

Anything having to do with political decisions, just follow the money. There's likely a campaign contributor at the other end.