Sunday, July 1, 2007

Milwaukee PIC Makes 1st High Wage Job Placement!

Milwaukee’s new workforce development agency has successfully placed its first dislocated worker - none other than former Milwaukee County Private Industry Council (PIC) President and CEO, Gerard Randall.

Randall, who unsuccessfully fought Mayor Barrett’s effort to transfer control of millions of federal workforce dollars from the county to the city, has landed on his feet quite nicely thank you.

He will be the paid $61,000 for six months as the city of Milwaukee PIC’s assistant CEO.

Let’s give the Barrett administration its due. If the Randall placement is a model, the city’s workforce development agency will not only train and place dislocated workers, it will create family supporting jobs! Who even knew there was a shortage of assistant CEO’s?

Randall, like all dislocated workers, will experience some job skidding, ecospeak for the fact that most dislocated workers who find new jobs are generally paid significantly less than they previously earned. But spare Randall your tears since his 6 month salary is almost twice the area’s annual median income of $35,765.

Randall’s salary will no doubt help the new agency’s placement data-raising the average wage of all Milwaukee PIC placements as soon as the new workforce development agency starts placing Milwaukee’s other unemployed workers.

Perhaps the agency could start with the 8 PIC employees, front line staff who worked with unemployed and dislocated workers, Randall laid off recently due to lack of funds!

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